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"Hi there! I'm Alex James. I'm a nutritionist, postpartum doula, and real food enthusiast.

My journey with real food began in 2009 when I experienced a transformation in my body and health. By making changes to my diet alone, I lost over 60 pounds, my daily headaches went away, and my skin cleared up...I felt awesome! Educating and inspiring others about the powerful impact of real food became a passion of mine. I got certified as a holistic nutritionist.

I found out pretty quickly, though, that education and inspiration aren't always enough. Life is busy! Healthy eating is great, but who has the time?! My goal now is a little simpler: to get real food into your belly...and your family's bellies.

Enter The Real Foodie. I specialize in cooking nutrient-dense, grain-free, Paleo-friendly comfort foods. Whether you're a seasoned grain-free eater or are downright skeptical about zucchini noodles and cauliflower rice, this is the place to get seriously delicious food that'll make you feel great - I promise.

It's real food, to fuel your real life. Enjoy!"